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Surreal Gallery

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.

- Rumi

Anonymous asked: Because I really fucking trust your opinion and shit, please help me out

Send me a way to contact you privately and we’ll talk. If you’re trying to keep your endeavour secretive, discussing it through public posts like this isn’t a good idea. You can still remain anonymous if you use an alternative email address or something.

Also gonna throw out there that I’ve got a pretty good idea who you are, and I do wonder who inspires you to do this kind of thing. If we spoke face-to-face I’d be able to help you to a much greater degree, but if you insist on anonymity then so be it.



zerostatereflex: Banana MRI - Source unknown

This is the most magical thing.

Albert Pancorbo

Okavango dreaming by Mareko

In the vast expanse of infinity our souls come together and connect for a moment in time.
Artist: Mark Henson